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Children of the Fog: A Review

After reading Cheryl Tardiff's work, the Children of the Fog, I learnt a great deal about loving my kids. In my opinion, the following attributes added to making it a great read for parents and authors.

1. Character's conflicts: the story, set in the cities of Edmonton and Hinton, was about Sadie, mother of a six-year old dumb boy, Sam. She loved Sam dearly despite his disability. Unfortunately, her husband wouldn't know what is good in liking a dumb child. Sadie is married to Philip whom she could boast was a decent attorney. But, things changed so fast. The Fog, a kidnapper took Sam. Sadie's world began collapsing as stunning revelations were emerging. The story began with a prologue in which Sadie was about to kill herself because she had seen Sam dies at a scene where she wanted to rescue him from the masked kidnapper.

2. Narration: from beginning to end, every scene was clear, emotional and compelling. The author's description of actions, scenes and dialogues was very illuminating. Here is an instance of a moment that stoked the fire in the plot:

"Don't move!" the stranger growled from the depths of the sweatshirt hood. "You have ten seconds to make a decision. Let me walk out of here with the kid, or your son dies."

The following discussion between Sadie and her husband also heightened my interest.

Free Audio Book Downloads Are Great

There are an increasing number of people all over the world who are always on the lookout for free audio book downloads.

BIG demand

Time is a commodity as rare as gold today and thus, reading is not an easy thing to do as people find it very hard to get the time to read books. After all there are so many pressures and burdens in life - it is really a life no more but just an everyday battle against worries and stress.

Whether a person works in an office or whether the person is in school or college or even if the person is a home-worker - 24 hours in a day are just not enough.

How then is there time to read a book?

Books were once considered to be man's (woman's!) best friend! But that was a time long ago when there were no such things as color TVs and the Internet and video games and mobile phones. Technology has changed all of that and people no longer have an inclination to the good old paperbacks.

But, technology has also now made it possible for people to read books, no matter how busy they are - and no matter where they may be or what they may be doing! This has now become possible as a result of...

Price Not A Constraint For A Bookworm

People read for different reasons. Some read because they like to, some read out of habit and for some it is a compulsion. Those who fall in the first category are avid readers form whom reading may be a hobby or even a passion. Those in the second category are the people who need their daily dose of news and for which they religiously read newspapers and magazines. Finally, comes the third group of people who invariably tend to be students, who feel reading course books are boring and dry. Regardless of the group to which a person belongs, one has to buy books and read them.

Books of any type or of any genre provide its readers knowledge. Of course, when one reads for recreation one tends to enjoy more than when it is under compulsion. However, even among ardent readers, the question of best books is highly varied. It is a very subjective matter that depends primarily on the interest of the reader. For example a book on soccer may not interest a reader who doesn't enjoy the game at all. Likewise a book with spiritual undertones may not be well received by a large number of readers. Hence people may refrain from buying the same.

After interest, it is the cost of the book that is also seen by the readers before purchasing a book. With the online book industry booming it is definitely important to compare the price of a book at the bookstore with the various online store. This enables you to avail the best offer. Often at online stores books are available at a rebated price and sometimes even half price books are available.

The Public Library - Are Public Libraries Still Relevant?

The internet has competition. There is another, long neglected source of information available. Like the World Wide Web, it's mostly free and is an excellent source of entertainment and research, but it's been around much longer than any website.

It had been far too long since I'd set foot in my local library. I'd simply lost the habit. Life, as they say, had got in the way. It's one of those things that you don't do unless you make a special effort. So I made that special effort, and I'm extremely glad that I did.

The slightly stuffy atmosphere that I remembered from my youth was gone, replaced by a helpful, friendly ambience. The dark wood shelves and heavy velvet drapes had been replaced too, by a light welcome airiness. Most delightfully, I felt a return of the sense of wonder that visits to the library had always conjured up in my youth. The endless possibilities held within each book was still there, but now they had been joined by computer terminals and data discs which, just like their paper cousins, were filled with everything that an inquisitive mind might desire. The adventure, the horror, the learning of the ages and so much more were still there to be rediscovered by each generation just as I had done all those years ago. More information than any one person could ever hope to learn was held within this building, a living and growing thing available to anyone prepared to make the smallest of efforts.