Books Online: Digital Or Printed?

An Online Book may be confused with online books or e-book. The onset of e-commerce as ushered in by the internet was more of a happy circumstance than an adversity. It is not surprising to find people who may express or demonstrate dissatisfaction or disgust with the internet, as it is very normal for human beings to "resist" change and the intra and inter personal uncertainty that ensues.

Online books may mean a number of things

a) physical or printed books or their

b) digital or e-book forms.

The choice of how people collect or own books is a personal thing. Most book lovers before the advent of computers and the internet attach sentimentality on the printed book and prefer them over the more modern digital form preferred by the fast-paced-life living modern-day teenage kid and even older "tekkies".

The primitive beginnings and progenitors of what we now know as the book were of leaves, tree barks, wood blocks, bamboo slats, wax and metal tablets. It evolved across many centuries into the first bound volume or codex, where the Latin poet, Marcus Valerius Martialis, praised its compactness in his Apophoreta CLXXXIV. Despite Martial's praises, the codex did not overtake the scroll (made of papyrus or parchment in its absence) in terms of popular use as a writing material and method of preserving documents and writings.

Books are an inevitable companion of the modern man, in whatever form. People go and find time to acquire the books they need, or want. Whether for entertainment, business, research or just a pastime, they spend hours and hours in libraries (if they just want to borrow or use the book for a short limited time) or in bookstores to buy the books they really want.

With the internet, it has become easier for people to buy books online, whether in digital form or printed. Online books, on the other hand, offers a cheaper option for second-hand printed books. You can actually browse the online store's inventory, choose your title and order online. Payment can be done in a number of ways including but not limited to use of credit card, wire transfer, and there are many available cash transfer services offered.

Here are some of the advantages of purchasing books from an online bookstore:

· Discounts - this is possible because of lower overhead and maintenance costs of an online bookstore.

· Book reviews - there are customer-reader's review that can be read from the bookstore's website, aside from the expert's reviews you find in the book itself.

· Flexible shopping - you can shop anytime from anywhere in the world. You only need internet access and voila! Your book is delivered right to your doorstep.

· Value-added online subscription - features mailing service that updates you on discounts, sales promotion and an update of available titles.


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