Da Vinci Code Revisited: Jesus Fathered A Child?

Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code, a run-away best seller, acclaimed to have been read by more than 60,000,000 in its first year of publication alone, has amused, if not awed the readers' mind on the possibility of Jesus' surviving bloodline - in partnership with, of all women, Mary Magdalene.

Magdalene, however already made into a saint, was, from a very puritanical mind, a very unlikely woman candidate for Jesus' espouse; that there was a candidate for Jesus' espouse at all, is, in itself, a far removed idea from the traditional Christian believers' minds.

But with how the author Dan Brown dealt with the theme in his novel, Da Vinci Code, this remote idea became within reach - and grasped as a possibility, adding to the fact that it was very much entertaining; It appeared like a scholarly idea delivered through the mouth of the story's character or his thoughts.

The story plot was brilliant, the stuff conspiracy theories are made of, taking the readers outside the box of the usual gospel story to one of intrigues set in the contemporary time.

However, dealing with the possibility of Jesus' surviving bloodline, without first identifying His ancestry, beginning with His parents, not only places the "genealogical cart" before the horse, so to speak, it highlights the confusion about His status: Jesus divinity has been the foundation of Christian theology ever since the church councils began, and still very much influences the general public perception of Jesus today.

Thus, Jesus' progenitors, rather than his possible living offspring ought to be the starting point of any investigation into His life.

That Jesus had ancestors is a more solid path of study to pursue than looking into His probable descendants. We can easily understand He had ancestors. We don't have to put forward a theory. We have a readily available source of reference, the Bible, particularly the Genealogy of Jesus in the Gospels of Luke and Matthew, tracing Him as having descended from David, Abraham and Adam.

Another point is the reality that everyone born in this world is born of a woman planted with a "seed" from a man, from a relationship - either known or unknown, sanctioned as legitimate or not, natural planting or laboratory transplanting.

Jesus is widely known from the scriptures as the son of David, the "seed" of Abraham.

This is then, a more solid ground to dig upon in our quest for Jesus, rather than asking for a possible descendant or descendants we have not an iota of evidence about.


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