Earthing Book

Just came across this book while surfing the internet randomly for environment products. First I smiled to myself, looking at the hyped title. Then decided to see what it was all about. Since, the book cost only $13, I decided to give it a try.

The first few pages were as usual. I thought it is another fitness product manual boasting about their natural therapy. But, then the author caught my attention. I just wondered when the last time I wandered barefoot. It was in that summer camp before three or four years. My foot is constantly locked in plastic or leather.

God knows it will sue me for suffocating it always, if it had a chance. But, it does remind me that I am not taking proper care of it now and then. Sore foot, patched nails, unexpected swelling in the fingers everything occurs now and then. I even went to the extent of the taking a master check up to see whether the blood glucose level in my body was the reason for the swelling. But, never gave a thought about wandering in the garden. This book was like a real eye opener for me.

My parents living the suburbs work in the field for hours. They never tend to have any specific problems with their feet, except for normal age related weakness. Leaving alone the health benefits, I do miss the chilly feeling in the center of the toe, which spread to our forehead, when we take a morning walk barefoot.

Thanks to Clinton Ober for writing Earthing.
The authors of the book had made it quite interesting and engaging to read. I suggested it to a few of my friends and we started taking morning walks in our garden, barefoot. The climate co-operated with us. I really feel relaxed and healthier nowadays. As for the book it gives lot of information about the electric energy in the earth which enters our body when we walk barefoot.

The only minus point of the book is its summary like articles. A professional writer would have made it much more interesting to read. I don't believe much in the products suggested as well. I am yet to try them. But, I do agree with the author's view of Earthing. The connection between the human beings and the earth is blocked through various plastic shoes and soles. We will feel happier if we reconnect. Don't miss the book if you are interested in alternative ideas.


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