How To Utilize Mental Resources In Order to Decide

'Sources of Power' by Gary Klein is a highly complex but extremely intelligent interpretation of how our mind works and how it should work. Certain people are indecisive, not because they can't make decisions but they fail to utilize the various sources of mental powers.

Intuition and intelligence are two ends of the mental spectrum. Animals use the former primarily while humans use it only in times of crisis. If you are able to make great split-second decisions using your intuition, it doesn't mean you are gifted with a sixth sense. It indicates that you are better in calculating various options and then taking the decision that appears amazing even to you.

How does a trained mind work?

Suppose, an investigating team finds a dead woman with no clues, it will automatically start on basic principles leaning to intuition. The nature of the place; the injury; age of the woman, all give the team certain signals and they carry on their intuition. However, it is necessary to stop at intervals and check whether they are proceeding on the right path. The other sources of mental instincts come to the fore there.

The more knowledge you gain in a field, the more specific you become. You do your doctoral thesis on say 'Quality of movies made during 1940s'. Likewise, the more decisions you make you in a career, you start to gain perfection so as to instinctually pick the best decision available. It might seem to others that you are making a split-second decision purely by instinct and not assessing other options. However, in actuality, you have an idea that it is the best decision in present circumstances. Experience is a key to your decisive powers.

Exceptions call for exceptions

However, when you get across something that is exceptional or which would not happen again, even experienced people will have troubles. Say, you have a dinosaur lurking in your out-house. You have no mental bookmark against this hazard, apart from ways shown in 'Jurassic Park'. You will eventually have to depend on perception and an idea that the dinosaur will act in a particular manner and you should act contrarily.

If you work as a team, proper coordination and understanding is required to make decisions. It is a given that even implied orders are understood cleanly. Otherwise, it can lead to a comic end, even if both sides think they did right.

Be prepared to take the risk

Always be alert about the bigger picture, if you are making an important decision. In case of doctors, it might lead to death and following ruckus. Decision-making requires a practical and concentrated mind, ready to take on that risk. When your aircraft wing gets broken, you take the risk of landing on the airstrip or among trees. Your decision might be based not on technical study, but on your memory of aircraft stories you have read.

You have to be good at evaluating a problem and finding a direct solution within moments. This is the summary of Sources of Power.


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