The Impact of a Good Book or Magazine

Books Make Great Presents

Selecting the right gift can often be tricky but there is one type of present that will last a lifetime. Books are always appreciated. Even when the title may not be something they immediately relate to most folks will read when the opportunity presents itself.

Classics are among the safest to buy but now the range is so big that subscriptions to magazines, an e-book reader, and audio or talking books are all there as possibilities.

Most will recall the excitement felt when a great book came into their possession. It is made even more special when someone you love gave it to you. My dear brother gave me a book on a family who lived in the Australian outback and travelled to England by ship during WWII. The torpedoes barely missed them and the voyage was steeped in intrigue, excitement, mayhem and hope. For a young teenager it was a novel that was hard to put down and it is still recalled with fond memories to this day.

Children are especially open to good stories and the way they are written feeds their imagination. Spark their interests and encourage them into writing themselves with these great gifts. Older folk love books to pass the time and to learn from them. Believe me the older you get the more stuff you want to absorb, if my own experience is anything to go by.

Many older folk want to learn the computer and here magazines come into their own. Others love fishing, different sports, fashion and home decorating and they can get all of these things from a monthly subscription to a publication.

It makes sense, therefore, to feed this passion that most have and it's simply a case of giving them a love gift they will cherish forever.

Toys can quickly become rubbish and they are expensive but books are educational and will keep forever. Great ideas available here for gift giving.


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