My Favorite Book - 'Fortunate Life' By A B Facey

Is it just an act I have developed or is it nature taking its course?

At the age of only eight years, I started reading books ranging from short stories books, poems to biographies. I developed this norm from my young age to date and my conclusion is that books are our best friends. Books give us enjoyment, a deeper intuition on the mind and a spirit of nationalism. How does one make meaning of life, if I may ask? A major contributor is reading real life experiences of others in books. Do you read other peoples real life experiences from their writings? There is a wide variety of real life experience books on offer and it's your choice to determine what you want to read. I have read many interesting books in my life, but the one book I will keep repeating to read is 'The Fortunate life' by A.B. Facey.

This book is a true inspiration and guide in my life. Sometimes I build up feelings of giving up in some hard situations I face. However, when I remember words from this book, I get encouraged and find the inspiration to overcome the hardships and challenges I am experiencing.

Bert Facey, the author; began keeping notes about his life and eventually compiled them chronologically into this book. He introduces his life as an ordinary life, but his story reveals a hero of the impossible odds. At only the age of eight, He got a job as a farm worker robbing him of his childhood especially due to the harsh situations he faced at this farm. His employer subjected him to slavery like conditions combined with violence and physical beatings that left him scarred on his back. The scars remain a bitter reminder of the slavery to date.

He was not to give up his destiny, in spite of the challenging situations he was facing at this time and so he decided to escape. This he did by walking for over twenty miles through the bush and luckily found foreign settlers who had camped in the bush. It was amongst the settlers that he met his mother who had abandoned him and his siblings while they were still young after she went to stay with her elder siblings. His joy was short-lived however, as after a short while of staying with his mother in his new home, she died of a stroke.

Facey braved on and joined the Australian Imperial Force and fought during the Gallipoli campaign. Much of his autobiography is filled with horrific moments he endured during his mission in the Gallipoli campaign. Gallipoli campaign was a debacle where many people died but Facey survived even after a bomb exploded near him leaving him confined to a wheel chair for the rest of his life. According to Albert Facey, he then suffered many health complications through out his life, because of war related issues. He lived with old bullet wounds, heart problems and ruptured spleen but he never gave up on life.

According to this book, the writing is not all flowery or lyrical; the man who tells a real life story and uses tense emotion in areas such as loneliness in the bush, his horrific moments in the war and affection for his wife and children. This is a story that teaches endurance, perseverance and positive attitudes in times of hardship.


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