Recommended Readings

I would recommend reading an article titled "How to Use Multimedia for Business Marketing," written by Lauren Folino and Michelle V. Rafter. I enjoyed reading the article to a great extent because of the idea that multimedia is not only used for entertainment, but it can and should also be used to market yourself or your business/organization. Overall, the article discusses the idea that multimedia, such as mobile marketing, livecasting and podcasting, photo, video and file sharing, can spread the word about your company and help build brand awareness in a very unique and powerful way. This type of media has the potential to go viral quickly.

The next article that I have read and recommend you to read is called "Teaching Effectively with Multimedia" by Jessica E. Zimmer. This is all about why a teacher should use multimedia at its fullest potential in a classroom setting. She explains that students respond to information differently. Thus, it is an advantage as teachers to use many different formats and modes to teach the subject matter of a lesson. As a student myself, I completely agree with the article that teachers should use more than pure lecture itself to try to teach his or her students. Like many other students, I have a tendency to space out or get side-tracked when sitting in a classroom. However, if there is a lecture that incorporates graphics, video, or audio, I am less likely to do so.

Also, I am currently taking a course at my school that requires me to read a text book titled eMarketing: The Essential Guide to Online Marketing by Rob Stokes and the Minds of Quirk. One of the chapters I read was called Social Media (chapter 8). I would recommend individuals to look into either purchasing the book or finding a copy of the particular chapter online. The entire book is quite interesting and as the title depicts, it is all about online marketing. In the chapter called Social Media, it discusses the differences between traditional and social media, the fundamental concepts behind social media, teaches you how creating content and sharing content work together, and how to use the online community in eMarketing efforts.

The last recommended reading I would like to discuss is on a blog called Mastering Multimedia by Colin Mulvany. In particular, I found one blog post to be very interesting. The blog post is titled "Sequencing: The Foundation of Storytelling." Colin discusses that he is not happy with videos that he has recently seen online. He said that the videos lack the basic sequencing of video clips, which is a necessity in creating videos. Basically, the sequence is the foundation of all video storytelling. They compress time in a video story.


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